Are you an adult who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, or do you suspect you might have ADHD?

Do your tendencies to interrupt, blurt out answers, or talk excessively interfere with your ability to build or maintain relationships?

Have you ever been referred to as sensitive or a “deep thinker”?

Do you struggle to focus on work or household tasks that aren’t interesting?

Are you easily overwhelmed by certain sounds or lighting, or excessively annoyed by certain smells or fabrics?

Do you get bored or restless from doing the same thing day after day, week after week?

Do you have a hard time regulating your emotions and often find yourself irritated or frustrated by the little things, or find yourself in awe by the simplest things?

Are self-criticism and perfectionism getting in your way?

Do you have a hard time with organization, punctuality, or forgetfulness?

Do you sometimes feel paralyzed by a lack of motivation or energy?

…If any of these characteristics resonate with you, I can help you manage them and focus on your strengths!

Hi, I'm Sidra Lea Gifford

Mental Health in the Netherlands - Sidra Lea Gifford

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As a mental health professional (sometimes called a "psychologist", "therapist", "counselor", or "coach", depending on the part of the world), I use my education and life experience to help you to navigate your thoughts and emotions and to obtain a sense of clarity and peace. I work via Telehealth (also called E-health), and I focus on English speaking twice-exceptional adults in the Netherlands.

I am serious about offering an affirming practice. That means I work to empower a client with respect to their gender identity, sexuality, relationship orientation, neurodiversity, body size / shape / ability, cultural, and any other differences, rather than trying to "repair" or minimize such differences. Clients describe me as insightful, empathetic, compassionate, genuine, funny, easy-going, and nonjudgmental.

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Feel free to contact me.